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Kes Grant £1.75

Digital download: A basic, adaptable liturgy for moving house, to give thanks for the shelter that the house has provided, to remember the good times and to let go of the difficult ones. 3 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Home (PDF download)

Various contributors £2.55

Digital download: Prayers, reflections, symbolic actions and a poem relating to life at home - house and garden blessings, dinner table prayer, love for pets etc. Taken from the book Moments of Our Nights and Days, by Ruth Burgess. 11 pages.

Various £2.34

Digital download: Blessings for dwellers and dwellings, taken from A Book of Blessings by Ruth Burgess. 9 pages.

Kathy Galloway £2.95

Digital download: Four liturgies - Home, Exile, Desert, Promised Land - which can be used on separate occasions or as one whole act of worship. Thematically they are appropriate for a number of contexts and life passages. Taken from the book The Pattern of Our Days, ed. Kathy Galloway. 15 pages