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Tom Gordon £2.90

Digital download: Reflections, prayers, stories, poems and a hymn addressing the plight of modern-day refugees, who yearn for community and security, who long to be settled and live in peace. 18 pages.

Yvonne Morland £1.95

Digital download: Shelter, the need to feel safe, is a fundamental human need. Today thousands of people are fleeing into Europe seeking sanctuary - on the run from violence, terror, injustice. We cannot sit comfortably in our own places of shelter and not act to influence the shelter that is offered to those for whom it is a matter of survival. This liturgy offers an opportunity to reflect on shelter and what it means. 5 pages.

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Unexpected Blessings (PDF download)

Dave Broom £2.15

Digital download: A dialogue and reflection on the story of Abraham and Sarah entertaining angels unawares. Who was the last unexpected visitor you entertained? Did they bring good news? Were you happy to see them? Did your visitor bring you any unexpected blessings? - 6 pages.