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E- Liturgies & Prayers

The Day of the Vision (PDF download)

Chris Polhill £1.95

Digital download: Three prayers, some suggested Bible readings and a dramatic reading based on Acts 10 - all suitable to be used as part of a Pentecost service or Communion. 5 pages.

Chris Polhill £2.45

Digital download: An impactful dramatic liturgy for the evening of Good Friday, with eulogies for Jesus, prayers and laments (including The Red List, A Lament for Earthquake and Tsunami Victims, and Listen, an Amnesty International banned radio advertisement). 10 pages.

Chris Polhill & Various £4.75

Digital download: Making your lifestyle count - a Lent programme for Christians who care about the environment. Taken from the book Eggs and Ashes by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill.

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