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Sandra Sears £1.60

Digital download: Jesus is called the Lord of the Dance. This is a short meditation/poem on dancing with Jesus, inspired by Matthew 16:1-6. 2 pages.

Stephen G Wright £1.95

Digital download: A reflection and a meditation on drinking the bittersweet cup of life. 5 pages.

Advent & Christmas

Take Three (PDF download)

Stephen G Wright £1.95

Digital download: A reflection, meditation and prayer relating to the three gifts offered to the baby Jesus by the ‘wise men from the East’. 5 pages

Joy Mead £1.85

Digital download: Poet Joy Mead imagines what the world would be like if we all concentrated on the positive aspects of life. 4 pages.

Stephen G Wright £2.20

This reflection and meditation, written out of the experience of lockdown due to Covid-19 in 2020, can be used during any period in life in which you are feeling troubled or perplexed, and are seeking to journey deep within for answers. 6 pages.

Joy Mead £1.85

Digital download: This meditative look at climate change, the sacrednesss of all life and human responsibility inspires us to be attentive, caring and empathetic with all beings with whom we share the sacred space of the earth. 4 pages.

Elaine Gisbourne £1.20

Digital download: A short meditation based on the parable of the Good Samaritan which could be used following the reading of this story from the Bible. 1 page.

Annie Heppenstall £3.50

Digital download: Contemplations that use a focus on various parts of the body as a device for bringing ourselves into the present moment. Each section includes a Bible quote and references, a discussion, reflective activities and a prayer. Taken from the book Wild Goose Chase: Exploring the spirituality of everyday life, by Annie Heppenstall. 25 pages.

Jan Sutch Pickard £2.15

Digital download: Two reflections for Good Friday and one for Holy Saturday, taken from the books Out of Iona and We Journey in Hope. 6 pages.

Kate McIlhagga £3.05

Digital download: Moving and insightful prayers and poems for Easter Day and beyond, up to Pentecost, taken from the book The Green Heart of the Snowdrop, by Kate McIlhagga. 22 pages.

Kate McIlhagga £3.20

Digital download: Intimate, insightful prayers and poems for the period of Lent, taken from the book The Green Heart of the Snowdrop, by Kate McIlhagga. 25 pages.

Annie Heppenstall £1.91

Digital download: A simple meditation, using beads, based on the words 'Be still and know that I am God'. Includes a description of how to make the bead string and some further reflections. This meditation is useful for calming the mind when in challenging circumstances. 4 pages.