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Rodney Aist £2.20

Digital download: A responsive reading, a reflection and a prayer of confession for Pentecost. 6 pages.

Sandra Sears £1.50

Digital download: A poetic prayer for Pentecost touching on joy, grieving anger, holy fire, life itself. 2 pages.

Roddy Cowie £1.85

Digital download: Two substantial prayers - one for Ascension and one for Pentecost. 4 pages.

Janet Lees £1.85

Digital download: A poem and a prayer for Ascension and some suggested all-age activities, prayers and songs for Pentecost. 4 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Pentecost is Now (PDF download)

Joy Mead £1.85

Digital download: A short liturgy for Pentecost. 'Pentecost isn't a once and for all happening but ongoing and energising hope here, now, in this world, in this place. It's about that which sustains us, enables us, provokes a just anger and arouses compassion. It's about spirit-filled life bursting out of encounter with darkness and suffering ' 4 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

The Day of the Vision (PDF download)

Chris Polhill £1.95

Digital download: Three prayers, some suggested Bible readings and a dramatic reading based on Acts 10 - all suitable to be used as part of a Pentecost service or Communion. 5 pages.

Ian M Fraser £1.95

Digital download: A Bible study that looks at how hierarchy in the church is a late and dodgy development. At Pentecost a community of brothers and sisters in Christ came into being 'all one in Christ Jesus'. 5 pages.

Kathryn Turner £3.00

Digital download: This devotional, for individual or group use, begins on the Friday after Ascension Thursday and finishes on the day before Pentecost Sunday. Over the nine days the Gospel is used as a starting point for a time of reflection and prayer. 19 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

That All May Dance (PDF download)

Chris Polhill £1.95

Digital download: A liturgy suitable for any time between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. 5 pages.

Pat Bennett £2.30

Digital download: A Communion service for Pentecost, with an emphasis on Spirit and time. 7 pages

Pat Bennett £3.30

Digital download: A Communion service for Pentecost, with an emphasis on Spirit and time. PDF and PowerPoint formats.

Glendon Macaulay £2.20

Digital download: A reflection for three voices on the events of Pentecost and why they were described in terms of wind and fire. Taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay. 6 pages.

Various £3.19

Digital download: A collection of resources for Pentecost, taken from the book Fire and Bread by Ruth Burgess.