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Kathryn Potts & members of churches in North Northumberland £2.45

Digital download: A liturgy for those going on a pilgrimage or those who just want to reflect on the journey of life. Includes prayers and reflections from various Iona Community members. 9 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

An Easter Pilgrimage (PDF download)

Dave Broom £3.90

Digital download: A pilgrimage for the start of Holy Week, mainly in the form of dramatic scripts for each stopping point. Although based on the weekly Iona pilgrimage, it can be adapted for any local environment, including urban ones, or even be used within the church itself. Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace, by Dave Broom. 34 pages.

Various £2.75

Digital download: Prayers, poems and other resources relating to the spiritual journey, taken from the book Bare Feet and Buttercups by Ruth Burgess. 13 pages.

Various £2.13

Digital download: Blessings for the journey, taken from A Book of Blessings by Ruth Burgess. 5 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Pilgrimage (PDF Download)

David Coleman & Chris Polhill £1.91

Digital download: A liturgy for setting out on a pilgrimage and a prayer for the journey. Taken from the book Gathered & Scattered by Neil Paynter.