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Various contributors £2.85

Digital download: Prayers, responsive prayers, reflections and a song for Harvest, taken from the book Autumn, by Ruth Burgess. 15 pages.

Roddy Cowie £1.85

Digital download: A substantial prayer for use at Harvest, about being thankful, opening our hearts, helping those who aren't so fortunate, and more. 4 pages.

Creation & Environment

An Ordinary Day (PDF download)

Joy Mead £2.20

Digital download: A liturgy about the joy of seeing holiness in the ordinary but also for the sadness of the world and the possibilities of transformation. 6 pages.

Various contributors £2.20

Digital download: Reflections and prayers for Thanksgiving and the day of consumer madness that follows it. Taken from the book Winter, by Ruth Burgess. 6 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Thanksgiving (PDF download)

Rosemary Power & the Iona Prayer Circle £2.50

Digital download: A short liturgy of thanksgiving, for small-group or individual prayer, created by the Iona Prayer Circle, a worldwide network that prays for people and places in distress. No. 1 of a 'Liturgies for Healing' series. 9 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Thanksgiving (PDF Download)

Various £2.13

Digital download: thanksgiving prayers, taken from the book The Pattern of Our Days, ed. Kathy Galloway. 6 pages.