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Thom M Shuman £2.55

Digital download: A liturgy for Passion Sunday. 7 pages.

Thom M Shuman £2.65

Digital download: A liturgy for Palm Sunday. 8 pages.

Rob Walker £1.60

Digital download: A poem for Palm Sunday to inspire us to meditate on that day in our own locale. 2 pages.

Various contributors £2.90

Digital download: Three prayers, two monologues, four drama scripts, a children’s song and a reflection for Palm Sunday, all taken from the book Spring by Ruth Burgess. 18 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Palm Sunday (PDF download)

Dave Broom £2.30

Digital download: A service for the day when Jesus demonstrates what his claim to messiahship really means and what his Kingdom is really about - for committing ourselves to the values of the upside-down Kingdom of the unlikely Messiah Jesus, who stands today in the heart of the military-industrial complex and declares: 'Peace.' Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace, by Dave Broom. 7 pages.