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Simon Taylor £3.10

Digital download: Worship resources for weddings, including prayers, blessings and a section on suggestions for the wedding sermon along with three sample sermons. 23 pages.

Janet Lees £1.95

Digital download: A set of worship items for evening time that could be used by a family or a group. Includes simple songs/chants, psalms, prayers and ways of remembering the Bible. 5 pages.

John L Bell £1.50

Sheet music download: Song based on Psalm 117, from the Psalms of Patience, Protest and Praise collection, by John L Bell. A call to worship. 2 pages.

Ruth Burgess £2.50

Digital download: An all-age evening liturgy, including responsive prayers, a night story based on Acts 20:7–12 and other suggestions for stories, poems and songs. 10 pages.

Stephen G Wright £2.20

This reflection and meditation, written out of the experience of lockdown due to Covid-19 in 2020, can be used during any period in life in which you are feeling troubled or perplexed, and are seeking to journey deep within for answers. 6 pages.

Richard Skinner £2.50

Digital download: Fifteen prayers inspired by the interior of church buildings, seven of which can be used to dedicate a place of worship and the others used for more personal reflection, ending with a prayer for the city, town or village. 10 pages.

Brian Ford £4.10

Digital download: A collection of poems, prayers and reflections based mostly on stories from the Bible, offering fresh insights and often laughter. 43 pages.

Rosemary Power £3.20

Digital download: An ecumenical prayer walk for Good Friday which uses local landmarks to relate to the concerns of the community and its links to the wider world. Based on the medieval tradition of fourteen stations of the Cross. 24 pages.

Bob Warwicker and Janet Lees £2.60

Digital download: An outdoor service for Good Friday. 10 pages.

Janet Lees £1.70

Digital download: An all-age song for Easter Sunday, words only, to be sung to the tune of ‘This old man’. 2 pages.

Janet Lees £2.50

Digital download: A reflective Tenebrae service that can be used with all ages from 9 years upwards, during which candles are extinguished to symbolise how Jesus was abandoned by everyone on the night before his death. 9 pages.

Rosemary Power £2.85

Digital download: A liturgy for group use, intended as a way of using Holy Saturday within the context of Passion liturgy, by pausing, and reflecting on a world without God, and on our own human losses. 14 pages.

John Murning £1.85

Digital download: A poetic reflection on death and loss, including that of Jesus, for Holy Saturday. 4 pages.

Tom Gordon £1.75

Digital download: A reflection on failure and rebuilding for Ash Wednesday and a reflection on ‘standing on the edges’ of things for Lent. 3 pages.

Alex Clare-Young £2.90

Digital download: An act of remembrance and a sermon for Transgender Day of Remembrance, plus some extra resources. Taken from the book Transgender Christian Human. 17 pages.

Various contributors £3.10

Digital download: Liturgies, reflections and prayers for Ash Wednesday, from the book Spring, by Ruth Burgess. 20 pages.

Various contributors £1.85

Digital download: A song (words and music) and a reflection for Fair Trade Fortnight, taken from the book Spring, by Ruth Burgess. 4 pages.

Various contributors £2.10

Digital download: Two poems, two prayers and a reflection for celebrating the start of Spring in February. Taken from the book Spring, by Ruth Burgess. 5 pages.

Nancy Cocks £2.85

Digital download: A service for Christmas Eve – or alternatively Christmas Day – inspired by the poem ‘Getting to the front of the stable’ by Anne Weems. 14 pages.

Ruth Burgess £4.10

Digital download: Prayers, reflections, liturgies, litanies and activities for celebrating the period around Halloween – including Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. 43 pages.

Joy Mead £2.90

Digital download: A personal and poetic meditative reflection on ageing, with an emphasis on a sense of wonder arising from the seemingly small and but immensely meaningful things of life. 18 pages.

Sally Foster-Fulton £2.20

Digital download: A reflection on poverty, Jubilee and justice; a dialogue on what poverty does to us all; and an affirmation. 6 pages.

Ewan Aitken £2.20

Digital download: A reflection and meditation on homelessness, together with some ideas for taking practical and political action. 6 pages.

Rosemary Power £3.80

Digital download: A liturgy in seven sections, for use in a small group with those who are burdened by bullying. There is also a reflection on bullying in the church. 33 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Blessed Is the Love (PDF download)

Martin Wroe £1.75

Digital download: Seven blessings for a wedding or partnership, with each stanza one line longer than the previous. 3 pages.

Roddy Cowie £1.85

Digital download: Two substantial prayers - one for Ascension and one for Pentecost. 4 pages.

Philip Fox £1.75

Digital download: A song for Easter, by one of the Iona Abbey musicians. Full score. 3 pages.

Nancy Cocks £2.60

Digital download: A lively all-age service for Palm Sunday, including a dialogue between the pebbles on the road that Jesus travelled, an exploration of what it means to be a king, and an opportunity to make a crown of thorns from pipe cleaners. 10 pages.

Alison Swinfen £2.60

Digital download: Eleven poems to reflect on during Passiontide: 'a sacred time of remembering what it means for a friend, and brother, to be betrayed, to be afraid, to be humiliated, to be falsely accused, to be deserted by those who love him ' 10 pages.

Rosemary Power (ed) £3.30

Digital download: Reflections and prayers at a time of division, from the Iona Community. 25 pages.

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