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E- Liturgies & Prayers

Stations of the Cross (PDF download)

Dave Broom £4.10

Digital download: An extensive Stations of the Cross with, at each station, a Bible reading and a testimony from a person who witnessed one of the events in the story. This is very much a community event in which everyone can be involved. Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace. 40 pages.

Pat Bennett & Kerry Davies £3.20

Digital download: 14 vignettes (in words & pictures) that can be used in personal meditation, in group reflection, at church, at work, viewed on a home computer or on a mobile device - to draw participants into the Passion narrative, and accompany Jesus Christ on his journey from Gethsemane to the tomb.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Stations of the cross (PDF Download)

Ruth Burgess £2.13

Digital download: Worship resources from the book Eggs and Ashes by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill.