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Resources for Services of Prayer for Healing Zoom

Resources for Services of Prayer for Healing (PDF download)

Ruth Burgess and others

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Digital download: Detailed resources and guidelines for those who wish to introduce the ministry of healing into a church or group, but are not sure where to start. There is also a section of prayers, readings, meditations and blessings which can be used in services or in events focusing on healing. Taken from the book Praying for the Dawn, by Ruth Burgess and Kathy Galloway. 77 pages.


Resources for introducing services of prayer for healing
Ruth Burgess

I      Praying for healing: a discussion starter & questionnaire   
II     Case studies & questions: making the links between healing and justice  
III    Issues relating to the laying-on of hands
        IIIa    Ministry of the laying-on of hands
        IIIb    Touching hands
        IIIc    Suggested passages for Bible study
        IIId    The ‘laying-on of hands’ in the life of the church: discussion issues       
        IIIe    The ‘laying-on of hands’ in daily life: questions for discussion
IV   Praying for healing: written requests
V    The worship environment and leadership
VI   Planning liturgies
VII  Worship structure

Resources for worship
Various authors

Beginnings (responsive prayers):
1. Wise God, by Ruth Burgess
2. God our Maker, by Ruth Burgess
3. God of creation, by Ruth Burgess
4. Warm, welcoming God, by Ruth Burgess
5. God of the shadows, by Ruth Burgess

Approach (prayers of approach):
6. Prayer of approach, by Kathy Galloway
7. The heart of prayer, by Yvonne Morland
8. Lord, let us not dwell in the past, by Richard Moriarty
9. Inscription, by Rosie Miles
10. Repentance, by Ruth Burgess
11. Prayer of penitence: Creator God, by Kathy Galloway
12. Prayer of penitence: God with us, by Kathy Galloway

God's Word:
13. Woman with bleeding (poem/reading), by Joy Mead
14. Canaanite mother (poem/reading), by Joy Mead
15. Jairus' daughter (poem/reading), by Joy Mead
16. Wounded healers (stories/reflections), by Neil Paynter
17. A touching place (poem/reading), by Jim Hughes
18. I didn't ask to be healed (poem/reading), by Rosie Miles

19. Loneliness (poem/reading), by Pat Welburn
20. Prayer of thanksgiving, by Richard Moriarty
21. A prayer of thanks for the healing of sectarian divisions, by Kathy Galloway
22. How beautiful is the blossom (poem/reading), by Kate McIlhagga
23. Creation readings
   Hildegard of Bingen
   Julian of Norwich
   Meister Eckhart
   Testimony of Chief Seattle
   George MacLeod
   Seven hard days (script), by John L. Bell & Graham Maule
24. W(hole) (poem/reading), by Rosie Miles
25. When I risked silence (poem/reading), by Ruth Burgess

26. Loving God, be with our family and friends today, by Richard Moriarty
27. Our community (reading/reflection), by Cedarwood Women's Writing Group
28. Laughter (poem/reading), by Cedarwood Women's Writing Group
29. A prayer to the Holy Spirit, by Ruth Burgess
30. We're all fallen women one way or another (poem/reading), by Cedarwood Women's Writing Group
31. Survivors (poems/reflections), by Jenny Hulin
32. Day in, day out (poem/reading), by Ruth Burgess
33. In the days (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
34. Waiting (poem/reading), by Cedarwood Women's Writing Group
35. Healing (poem/reading), by Pat Hope, Meadow Well Women's Writing Group
36. Tweedsmuir (poem/reading), by R. Davidson

37. Special pleading (poem/prayer), by Kate McIlhagga
38. I hate being ill (poem/prayer), by Ruth Burgess
39. Despair is a desperate companion (poem/prayer), by Kate McIlhagga
40. I struggle with the silence (poem/prayer), by Ruth Burgess
41. God of the darkness (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
42. Come with us God (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
43. The visit (prayer), by Sheila Auld, Meadow Well Women's Writing Group

44. Dedication to the Holy Spirit (prayer), by Kathy Galloway
45. The work of our hands (prayer), by Richard Moriarty
46. Prayer for three voices (responsive prayer), by Yvonne Morland
47. Prayer of joyful access (responsive prayer), by Janet Fife
48. Separation (reflection and prayer), by Lindsay Gray

49. Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom (Ps. 90) (prayer), by Kate McIlhagga
50. With the love of God (responsive prayer), by Ruth Burgess
51. May God the Maker bless us (responsive prayer), by Ruth Burgess
52. Beckon us God (responsive prayer), by Ruth Burgess
53. Come bless us God (responsive prayer), by Ruth Burgess
54. Loving and compassionate God (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
55. In the business of our days (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
56. May the God who dances (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
57. May God bless you (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
58. May the blessing of God surround us (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
59. The blessing of God be ours (prayer), by Ruth Burgess
60. O Pilgrim God (prayer), by Ruth Burgess


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