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Annie Heppenstall £1.91

Digital download: A simple meditation, using beads, based on the words 'Be still and know that I am God'. Includes a description of how to make the bead string and some further reflections. This meditation is useful for calming the mind when in challenging circumstances. 4 pages.

Annie Heppenstall £3.20

Digital download: Detailed instructions for a workshop exploring meditative prayer using beads, based on the words 'Be still and know that I am God.' 18 pages.

Annie Heppenstall £10.99

Annie Heppenstall points us towards finding God in all aspects of daily life and in the natural world around us. The book's many resources for individuals and groups include body prayers, bead prayers, a covenant of salt, shrine-making, contemplations for various daily activities, creating sacred space in the home, and a leaderless Eucharist.

Nancy Cocks £10.99

A former deputy warden of Iona Abbey explores the evocative and memorable approach to worship that has been developed by the Iona Community at its island centres and elsewhere. Includes liturgies and other material for use in services that invite us to recognise what we cannot see: the mystery that is God in our midst. Several pieces were developed specifically for services in which children have leadership roles. Others were designed to attract listeners for whom an extended traditional sermon could be foreign or alienating.

Nancy Cocks £9.99

How can you help children to 'grow up with God'? One way is through storytelling. By telling children stories that speak of their concerns, by listening to their own stories, and by exploring their questions, you can help them to grow up trusting that God will be at the centre of their lives.

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