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The One Loaf

Joy Mead

An everyday celebration

SKU/ISBN: 9781901557381

God of small beginnings
and rising hopes,
may we see eternity
in each wheat grain:
ours for today’'s bread
and tomorrow’'s planting;
food of life; gift to the future
and seed of hope.

– Joy Mead

A book which explores the making and the mystery of bread –– growing, making, baking, sharing –– in story and recipe, poetry and prayer. In bread we see the true connectedness of all life –– the uniting of body and soul, spirit and material. It is not just a symbol of life, it is life itself. Without food, life is impossible, so eating becomes sacred. Take and eat means take and live; to share food is to share our life. Jesus, in a simple act, made eating and sharing sacred. This beautiful illustrated book helps us to love the ‘dailiness’ of bread, the holiness of eating and the justice of sharing.

160 pp

Joy Mead is a poet of great sensitivity and subtlety. She is a deeply religious poet, without being a Religious Poet, if you know what I mean. Genuine spirituality is located in the material, in the embodied: that seems to be how our God works. Joy Mead's spirituality is grounded in the depths of so-called ‘ordinary’ life – the extraordinary life. That's why she is one of my favourite poets.
Ron Ferguson, author and award-winning journalist

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Subline An everyday celebration
Authors Mead, Joy
Author(s) Joy Mead
ISBN 9781901557381
Date Added 7 Feb 2009


Review in Living Spirituality Network NewsletterReview by Roger Sawtell
This book is an anthology of 70 poems and short essays about bread and breadmaking, assembled by Joy Mead, a Methodist and an experienced breadmaker. Her own contributions, poetry and prose, continually make the connection between the sacredness of bread and our daily need of it. The material and the making are inseparable from the mystery. Her words are beautiful but it is also a down to earth book containing some earthy language. Our churchy witterings are blown away by her bread-sharing spirituality and inclusiveness, for the eucharist is for everyone, men, women, and children.

Biblical characters, Elijah, Martha, Jairus' daughter, are wonderfully brought alive by the poems of Jan Sutch Pickard, each relating to bread. A dozen others contribute poems or essays and there are three detailed recipes for different kinds of bread. There is an appendix on books about bread and even information about breadmaking courses. Lots of good photos and excellent print and design make it a good present and a coffee-table book of more depth than most.

If you buy this book, the 'slow art of breadmaking' may change your life. Beware!

(Posted on 05/01/2013)

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