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Uppity Women of the Bible

Lisa Wolfe

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Dr Lisa Wolfe | Themes

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Uppity Women of the Bible is a four-volume DVD-based series featuring Hebrew Bible professor Dr Lisa Wolfe. Combining careful scholarship with humour and fresh insights, Dr Wolfe presents just what your group needs for lively, thoughtful discussion of Ruth, The Song of Songs, Esther and Judith.

The four-volume series is comprised of a total of 25 engaging 5–15 minute sessions. Developed for adult study groups meeting in homes or houses of worship, each session ends with discussion questions so that participants — with or without a trained facilitator — can understand, debate, and explore the issues raised by the stories of these often misunderstood Biblical women.

Price includes the DVD set and on-going access to the online (downloadable) discussion questions.

This item is despatched from the USA. Postage is included in the price. Although not a regular occurrence, customers in other countries may be charged import duty by their own customs authorities.

Dr Lisa Wolfe

Lisa WolfeLisa Michele Wolfe earned a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and Northwestern University's joint programme in Religious and Theological Studies. Dr Wolfe is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and currently works as Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Oklahoma City University. She is a self-described Bible Nerd



In seven engaging sessions Rev. Dr Lisa Wolfe takes you on an enlightening journey through the Book of Ruth. This is a lively and thoughtful examination. Dr Wolfe considers the vulnerability of widows and the difficult situation of foreigners in biblical times. She explores themes of loyalty, bitterness, courage, poverty and seduction. What really happened on the threshing room floor? Combining humour and careful scholarship, this study invites you to re-read the book with new insight and understanding for all its characters, especially the intelligent, confident – even uppity – heroine Ruth.

Session Title DVD Run Time
Bittersweet 10:51 minutes
In Case of Emergency 13:20 minutes
The Go’el? 11:48 minutes
A King’s Ancestry 08:31 minutes
Understanding Ruth 11:41 minutes
An Uppity Woman? 14:15 minutes
Grace and Hospitality 06:24 minutes


Explore the mysterious, beautiful and alluring Song of Songs, at times referred to as Song of Solomon, in this six-session study led by Rev. Dr Lisa M. Wolfe. As she navigates this intricate and sometimes puzzling book, Dr Wolfe combines deep scholarship with a charming enthusiasm for the text. She poses some of the central questions surrounding Song of Songs. Who wrote it? What sort of people are the main characters? Is it based in history, mythology … or both? As you enter into the world of the lovers Ra‘yati and Dodi, you will have plenty of opportunities to laugh and even blush, right along with Dr. Wolfe. Uppity Women of the Bible: Song of Songs invites you into the adventure of re-reading and re-imagining this powerful and intriguing work of poetry and literature.

Session Title DVD Run Time
Her and Him 11:20 minutes
What about Solomon? 08:02 minutes
A Misunderstood Book 13:22 minutes
Don’t Hurry Love 11:48 minutes
Your Eyes are Doves 10:56 minutes
What’s it All About? 08:30 minutes


Enter into an exotic and fanciful Persian kingdom complete with a dim-witted king, a defiant queen, an egotistical lieutenant and a loyal uncle. With lavish banquets, extreme beauty treatments and dangerous liaisons at every turn, can the beautiful and courageous Esther avert disaster for her people? All this occurs in a biblical book where God is never mentioned. Rev. Dr Lisa M. Wolfe digs deeply and lovingly into this complex story that ranges from slapstick farce to Shakespearian tragedy. Uppity Women of the Bible: Esther is presented in six sessions. So grab your Purim gragger and your hamantaschen – if you don’t know what those are, you’ll find out in session two – and join Dr Wolfe for this fascinating study of power, corruption, violence and courage.

Session Title DVD Run Time
Who’s Who 04:59 minutes
Setting the Stage 13:27 minutes
The Defiant Queen 05:25 minutes
From Coronation to Doomsday 12:36 minutes
The King’s Sceptre 05:08 minutes
Uppity Esther? 10:16 minutes


This fascinating volume examines the story of an Uppity Woman who took things into her own hands – including the head of a brutal warrior chief. Rev. Dr Lisa M. Wolfe takes you on a tour of the Book of Judith, posing provocative questions along the way. Judith, from the Koine Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament, reads like a historical novel rife with warfare, lust, espionage and intrigue. This six-session volume takes you from a mythological battlefield and a besieged city into the studio and psyche of the Baroque painter Artemesia Gentileschi. Dr Wolfe’s style is a refreshing balance of careful scholarship and a genuine love for the story of this amazing woman.

Session Title DVD Run Time
The Real King Antiochus 08:33 minutes
Besieged 11:17 minutes
Judith’s Plan 08:49 minutes
An Unlikely Hero 07:57 minutes
Piety and Violence 12:21 minutes
The Art of Artemisia 05:49 minutes

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